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  • Eran Mizrahi

ingredient brothers’ 2023 Ingredient Trends Forecast

The food industry is constantly evolving, adapting to new trends, and finding novel ways of meeting consumer demands. But that’s something you can take in your stride when you have a supply partner that helps you stay on top of the latest trends in the ingredient industry and helps you maintain a supply chain that Ingredient trends are continuing to veer toward plant-based alternatives. And it doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down any time soon.

In 2023, predicting to see the following plant-based ingredients come up a lot more around the conversation surrounding the search for sustainable ingredients.

These are the ingredients we predict will dominate the ingredient market in 2023:

Organic pea protein will flex its muscles in 2023

As one of the leading alternative protein sources, pea protein powder is quickly becoming famous for its solubility, viscosity, and texture. And in 2023, it’s expected to reach its highest growth rate yet. Its low sodium and high protein levels also establish it as a go-to protein source. New technologies that enable proprietary membrane filtration are helping retain superior tastes and texture without compromising nutritional value.

Gluten-free starch ingredients will continue to be at the top

With the cassava root harvest season underway in Thailand and soon to start in Brazil, you’re assured of a steady tapioca starch supply as 2023 gets underway. This clean-label, non-GMO, gluten-free starch’s high amylopectin levels make it a perfect stabilizer, thickener, and emulsifier.

Cassava flour will shine as the gluten-free alternative of choice

Cassava flour’s rising popularity should come as no surprise. As one of the most sustainable wheat alternative sources, this gluten-free flour has become a staple in many products that are changing the gluten-free game. With an expected market growth of 4.18% (CAGR), it’s an ingredient that is continuing to stake its claim in the market.

Strawberries to continue wearing the crown of the most-loved fruit

Strawberries have consistently remained one of the top fruits in diets and products (including supplements, dairy products, beverages, and baked goods) due to their palatable characteristics and high Vitamin C levels that help battle cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. With a constant supply of strawberries that come from responsible sources like Chile, Morocco, Spain, and Italy, it’s an ingredient you can always rely on.

Cucamelon rises as a sweet and savory source of flavor

This fruit has the world ablaze with its aesthetic and taste roller coaster. While it may look like a watermelon that’s the size of an olive, its taste is similar to a cucumber’s, with a liquidy texture similar to a cherry tomato. The sweet Cucamelon liquid can be used in a variety of products, stretching from sorbets and syrups to confectionery products. But it’s also proved a perfect ingredient in several savory products, especially cream cheeses and vegan cheeses.

Coconut sugar to continue impressing taste buds

2022’s increased demand for coconut sugar helped position this sugar alternative as a reliable substitute for several products. Thanks to the minimal processing that goes into its production, this unrefined sugar retains more vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants than most cane-based sugars.

Natural colorants like spirulina will add some color to the market

Spirulina extract is a natural colorant made from blue-green algae, a prehistoric organism that can turn solar energy into chlorophyll-rich protein. This is a nifty trick when you’re looking for natural, sustainable ingredients. And while green spirulina is well-known for its salty sea taste, its blue variant has taken the culinary world by storm due to its lack of flavor and powerful coloring capabilities.

Pumpkin seeds to be included in even more products

With pumpkin seeds have become a regular part of so many diets and products, it’s no wonder the global market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.4%. With its high nutritional value, it’s also an ingredient that is gaining attention for its health benefits. Not only do pumpkin seeds help lower blood pressure and improve blood sugar levels, but they also act as an anticarcinogenic and helps promote improved sleep.

Chia seeds to remain on top in the omega-3 snack game

An emerging trend that could change the ingredient market in 2023 is the search for snacks that contain ingredients with high omega-3 content. Chia seeds are at the front of that pack as they’re packed with omega-3 fatty acids along with a slew of other nutritional benefits.

Get ready to explore the trends with ingredient brothers

The year has only just kicked off, and already it’s shaping up to be an exciting year for the ingredient industry.

As the consumer market continues to search for alternative solutions to the products that used to dominate diets and culinary trends like fermentation dominate kitchens across the world, we’re bound to see the emergence of new and exciting ingredient possibilities seeing the light of day before too long as well.

And as your #1 source of specialty ingredients, we can’t wait to bring you along for the ride.

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