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Make your suppliers an extension of your business. 

Take the stress out of your next sourcing project

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The Ingredient Search 

The search for quality ingredients and reliable suppliers shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

At times it’s a road that can make you wish you were heading to Mordor instead.  


It’s a road that has you dealing with the same struggles in an endless cycle:

Something has to change, right? 

And now it has.

The endless feeling of...

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Wasting valuable time searching for reliable ingredient suppliers.

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Working in uncertainty, left in the dark in your own supply chain.

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Worrying that your ingredients won’t live up to the necessary standards.

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Wracking your brain under pressure to reduce costs instead of assuring quality.

Been there, done that

We were once exactly where you are now, searching for reliable suppliers and coming up short time and again. During this time, we learned that shortcuts and short-term profits never result in anything but significant long-term losses.


That’s why we’ve become a supplier that aligns with its customer's goals, becoming the supplier we searched for but never found.

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Based in            but supported by a                      team that spans four continents. 

We work hand in hand with our customers to design a supply chain that makes sense for their business.

We bring years of experience moving over

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Going beyond the supply chain

Ingredients are at the heart of your product, so why can’t your supplier be at the heart of your business? 


We want to run for the hills at the mere thought of traditional transactional relationships. Being a supplier should never be the same as being a grocer. Through first-hand industry experience, we know how ineffective the simple buyer/seller relationship can be. 

Instead, we become your partner in the search for quality, reliable ingredients. Because we understand that this is a cycle where siloed services simply don’t cut it anymore. 


Our clients have become partners in our own journey. So why can’t we do the same for you? 


What sets us apart from other suppliers?

Global Sourcing Network

We source from the most reliable and affordable vendors on the globe.

Inventory Management

We help you manage your stock to optimize your inventory costs.

Regulatory & Compliance Support

We take care of all the documentation and compliance validation.

Individualized Solutions

We search for solutions that solve the actual challenges you’re facing.

What’s the difference in our approach?

We like to get our hands dirty when it comes to sourcing ingredients. 


Our global team is on the ground and in close proximity to the vendors we rely on, building valuable long-term relationships on both sides of the supply chain. We’re there when shipments are loaded. We’ve walked the plantations where the journey begins. We stay connected to the journey at every point and keep you informed of every step. 


With 24/7 support and full transparency, you’ll see the difference in how we do things from day one.


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