Why  ingredient brothers?  


Our mission is to connect our customers with the highest quality specialty ingredients.

We simplify the cumbersome and often murky relationship with suppliers and replace it with a strategic partnership that aligns with your long-term goals.


We are die-hard sourcerers (it's a word) who are willing to do whatever it takes to find that magical ingredient. We have sourced ingredients from across the globe.

We have spent our lives improving supply chains for some of America's favorite brands. We are data-informed but relationship-driven.


Eran Mizrahi 




A New Jersey native,  Aalap moved with his parents to their hometown in India. He spent his college years working in the local textile manufacturing sector.

In 2015, he moved back to Jersey to join Carlo's Bake Shop. He then spent time at Marley Spoon. Here he was tasked with building out a just-in-time vendor model to support their explosive growth.

In 2017, Aalap joined Eran at Nuts.com, where he worked to re-energize their highest-performing product categories, and drove significant margin improvements and SKU expansion. 

In 2020, Aalap took an opportunity to run operations for Simply Gum. He successfully navigated through COVID and the aftereffect, having to rapidly double capacity as they launched their products into Target and other major retail chains.

Fun Fact: Aalap has a passion for vintage British motorcycles, gardening & woodworking

Eran grew up watching his father grow a successful import business that was built on integrity and customer service.

A South African transplant, Eran started his career at Deloitte. From there, he came to New York to pursue his MBA at Columbia '14.


Eran was an early employee at Plated, where he focused on building planning and sourcing programs. The team's collective efforts led to a $300M sale to Albertsons.

He then went to join Nuts.com, one of the world's largest nuts and specialty ingredient e-commerce companies. He was quickly elevated to COO and quadrupled capacity to support growth in 2020.


Fun Fact: Eran took a gap during college to attend culinary school, where he solidified his love of food. 

OUR  Team

Solving today's supply chain requires a truly global team.


We have team members in the USA, Argentina, South Africa, and the Philippines.  


  Joshah Chua  

Supply Chain Specialist

Joshah is an Industrial Engineer working in the Food Industry, sourcing various products from around the world and establishing partnerships with suppliers. As Supply Chain Specialist, Joshah takes on locating and partnering with different suppliers to make their products readily available for all our customers. 

Fun Fact

Joshah enjoys playing the cello, baking bread, and surfing in his free time.


  Jaclyn christianne gallardo 

Supply Chain Manager

Jaclyn has been in the supply chain industry for over 15 years, sourcing items and establishing partnerships with various suppliers globally. As the Supply Chain Manager, Jaclyn defines and implements sourcing strategies by analyzing market situations of assigned categories and stakeholder requirements to achieve lowest total cost of ownership, ensuring supply and supplier relationship management.

Fun Fact

When Jaclyn visits the US, the one thing she craves the most is Panda Express! 


  Jenny wright 

Internal Tools Developer

Jenny has 15 years’ experience within the consulting world. Her specialisation began in the mining industry developing financial, logistical, and operational models to help identify key focus areas for clients, for both local and international mining houses.


She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics and an Honours Degree in Mathematical Statistics.

Fun Fact

Jenny is an avid cricket watcher, a part-time cyclist, and can spend hours reading a good book. 



Compliance Officer

Vanessa is an Industrial Engineer who has worked for various companies to implement continuous improvement initiatives. As the Compliance Officer, Vanessa ensures identified key suppliers are 100% audited for Responsible Sourcing Standards.

Fun Fact

Vanessa was named a centennial baby because she was born on the 100th anniversary of the Philippines' independence


  Pedro José Diller 

Global Logistics Manager

Pedro has a degree in international business. He has a background as an Import manager at a company in Argentina that has grown ten times since his arrival.


Pedro has experience in imports, purchasing, and logistics. In his role, he determines the strategy and process to ensure the goods arrive at the expected times at the lowest costs possible.

Fun Fact

Pedro is a sports lover. He plays Padel, Squash, and Golf!

Screenshot 2022-08-22 100340.png

  Emilce Arroyo 

Sales and Marketing Manager 

Emilce has been in sales for the past 10 years. From selling houses to full container loads of plant-based ingredients, Emilce has worked to provide her customers with the best service. Emilce truly cares about her customers, her people, and her work.

Fun Fact

Emilce loves playing with her son Joaquin and her cat Rosi.


  Fel Palapo 

Project Manager

Fel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and earned some accounting and management units from the University of the Philippines. 


Fel is an experienced Project Manager. A Certified Greenbelt Six Sigma, Certified LEAN Master and a PMP certified. Fel is also a Scrum Practitioner (she gets what a sprint is and how to hold people accountable). Fel has worked on various projects in Engineering, manufacturing, IT, website development, eCommerce, and Product Development.

Fun Fact

Fel loves to travel and has traveled to Korea and Taiwan alone.


  Saul Levenstein

Internal Tools Developer


Saul’s speciality is managing financial, labour planning, and operational modelling projects in the mining, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries. He brought his expertise to ingredient brothers where he developes financial and business models across multiple platforms

Saul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, (BEng) from the University of Johannesburg.

Fun Fact

He’s a big foodie and enjoys swimming, hiking, and the outdoors.

Screenshot 2022-08-22 100354.png

  Mariano Sanguinetti

Account Manager


Mariano has spent the last few years working in the food industry. His most recent experience was with Danone in Argentina. His role as account manager gave him exposure to a wide range of clients such as big retailers, distributors, and pharma customers. He has always focused on understanding his client's needs to ensure he could provide excellent customer service. Mariano also has an industrial engineering degree.

Fun Fact

Mariano enjoys playing soccer with his team on weekends and hanging with friends to play and listen to music.

  Pedro José Diller 

 WHy  did WE start ingredient brothers?

We focus on ensuring you have the highest quality ingredients available so you can: 

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Meet production deadlines

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Focus on telling your ingredients' stories

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Hit aggresive margin targets

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Adapt to changes in supply and demand

Our founders saw firsthand how much time and money was being wasted on dealing with sub-par suppliers.

As COO of Nuts.com, our CEO Eran watched as vendors changed pricing, quality, and lead times. With so much at stake, he knew there had to a better way.

He partnered with Aalap to start ingredient brothers.

Now, they are on a mission to create the supplier they always dreamt of. 

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