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Out with the old, in with the new

Finding the right ingredients isn’t a cut-and-dry exercise where you can sit back and relax while everything falls into place. It’s a journey that requires commitment, where challenges are overcome at every turn. 


But when you have a strategic supply partner that understands the kinks and challenges of the procurement cycle, you better get a book and a cup of tea ready for all the time we’re about to open up for you.




Time-consuming searches: To find the best supplier of raw ingredients, buyers have to scour the endless halls of Google, sifting through every possible contact to find a reliable supplier.

Supply chain uncertainty: Constantly working in uncertainty, being left in the dark when your ingredients are stuck in a container that can’t reach you due to logistics, regulations, or the end of the world as we know it.

Middle person blues: Having to work through a broker that does nothing more than act as a middle person passing along messages, not adding any real value to the journey.

Reactive firefighting: “Firefighting” all the time, being reactive to problems in the supply chain that requires last-minute scurrying about for ways to fix the leaks in the supply chain boat.

Pricing troubles, from one end to the other: Being pressured to reduce costs instead of being able to build relationships with suppliers. And then having to deal with fluctuating prices that are “out of everyone’s hands”.

(BARELY) Standard quality assurance: Having to worry about standard quality assurance checks not really living up to the standards they proclaim to test, leading to recalls and health risks.

Remove the redundancy: We cut out the “waste” … in every sense of the word. We create a more sustainable sourcing solution that does away with the “middle person concept”, offering you a reliable sourcing solution.

Direct line to vendors: We offer clients a direct line to ingredients, instead of extending the supply chain even further. By building relationships with our vendors, we give you immediate access to long-standing relationships.

We’ve got your back, for the long run: We’re not a transaction-based company, we’re in it for the long-term relationships that enable us to become strategic partners.

Proactive inventory planning: We help you plan your inventory optimally, helping you reduce costs and minimize redundant stock-on-hand, by taking real-world factors into consideration, from natural events to logistic struggles.

Competitive pricing, all around: As large-scale importers, we’re able to offer a more affordable answer to your ingredient woes, helping you to create more competitive prices in your turn. We make our prices even more competitive by using historical data and multiple pricing sources to formulate the final price.

Quality assurance: To make sure you get the best product, we have installed our own quality checks to get you the most reliable ingredients for your end product.

Not everyone gets the memo

Weather events, logistical holdups, and worldwide pandemics that result in everyone stocking up on toilet paper and post-apocalyptic fiction as guidebooks - things don’t always go according to plan. 


But that’s nothing more than a bump in the road when you’re working with Ingredient Brothers. 


We don’t leave you in the dark. We’re committed to transparent service, so you know immediately when plans change, and you’re part of the course-corrected journey from the start.

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