Erythritol occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables, based on glucose, and manufactured using a fermentation process. It is the world’s first all-natural polyol sweetener. Erythritol has the highest digestive tolerance by far compared to other polyol sweeteners.

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Erythritol has about 75 % of the sweetening power of household sugar at a volume that is almost identical. This is an advantage for preparations that require the same texture as sugar, but should have less sweetness. Erythritol can be easily replaced, especially in biscuits. Since this sugar substitute is calorie-free, it is appreciated by slimming-conscious people as well as by diabetics and other patients who have to do without sugar – or sweeteners as a source of phenylalanine. Erythritol is also suitable as a sweetener for fructose intolerance. It is considered to be tooth-friendly, a caries-promoting effect is not known. Erythritol is also odorless. It is heat-stable and not hygroscopic, lump formation is thus avoided. These properties also make the sugar substitute ideal for food production.


Even though the production process for organic erythritol is still complex at present, it is the vegetable raw material that contributes to the sustainability of the product. Controlled organic cultivation and the use of corn and other raw materials that are GMO-free are a prerequisite and a matter of course.


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