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  • Agustina Branz

How Wholesale Chia Seed Orders Can Safeguard Your Product Line

Now be honest. Are you one of the thousands of confectionary lovers who have signed petitions to bring back Cadbury’s SnowFlake? Was your emotional well-being on the line when Ferrero’s takeover of Butterfinger was announced? Are you still yearning for the days when you could reach into the kitchen cupboard for a bag of Doritos X-13D?

Because we know we’re a part of every one of those groups. And every now again we look at our shopping trolley and can’t look past the space where a discontinued item should have been.

But the sad truth is that in most cases we couldn’t have done a single thing to change these items’ discontinuation. And as the shelves emptied, we simply had to live with the emptiness in our diets.

Now if there’s one thing that’s worse than the nostalgia of lost snacks for an ingredient buyer, it’s realizing your ingredient inventory is too low with no way to counter the shortage. Because unlike discontinued snacks, that IS entirely in your hands. And with the popularity of ingredients such as chia seeds, supply shortages is something that is a very real consideration.

One of the best ways to make sure you’re prepared for the demand ahead, ensuring you don’t leave your customers facing empty shelves, is through wholesale ingredient purchases.

So let’s talk about how bulk orders can keep your products in your customers’ shopping carts no matter which ingredients you rely on.

Explore the different types of chia seeds

The chia seed industry is one of the fastest growing ingredient industries right now, with the popularity of the nutrition-boosting superfood largely due to its versatility and ease of use in various products. From seed bars to tortilla wraps to flours, chia seeds can add vital nutrients to multiple product varieties in whatever form they come in.

Ground ‘em up and bake ‘em

Chia flour is made by grinding whole chia seeds into a fine powder. It’s become a popular gluten-free alternative to wheat flour especially due to its high nutritional value, making it a flour with that extra boost of goodness. Just one look at the nutrition facts of chia seeds should convince any skeptic.

Add a boost of nutrition to just about anything

Ground chia seeds, a slightly more coarse variant of chia seed flour, have become the perfect additive to healthy diets. Foods like smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, and health shakes can all be given an extra nutritional boost by adding ground chia seeds to the mix. In recipes, they’ve also become a popular thickener and binder, acting similarly to eggs.

Have your superfood your way

White and black chia seeds both come from the same plant species, salvia hispanica, differing only in color. But while both variants’ nutrient profiles are the same, the black seed does offer a higher level of antioxidants with a slightly stronger taste. However, the main decision-making factor is the aesthetics of the ingredient and how it suits your product.

Overcoming the challenges of the chia seed supply chain

Now that you’ve found the key ingredient to a healthier product, ensuring you have enough stock to meet orders isn’t always in your hands alone. The slightest supply chain disruptions can derail operations and impact not only your brand’s revenue but your brand’s reliability as well.

These common supply chain challenges can all be minimized when you’re working with a supplier that can handle wholesale purchases with ease.

Don’t sacrifice quality control for on-time delivery

An unfortunate truth of any ingredient order is that separate shipments of ingredients may offer differing levels of quality. And when you’re taking the time to source the best quality batch, you’re also prolonging the shipment date and putting on-time delivery in jeopardy.

But when your inventory partner can help you find the highest quality harvest yield right now, a wholesale purchase gives you quality assurance right now for the foreseeable future. It also means a single round of quality assurance testing and certification, a vital consideration when you’re looking to cut short supply chain times.

Simplify logistics to improve bulk purchases

Logistically speaking, doesn’t a one-way ticket just sound far simpler? The storage and shipping logistics that go into multiple smaller orders increase both costs and delivery times. Because with every new supplier you’re dealing with, new storage solutions and new delivery challenges come into play. And with chia seeds’ vulnerability to moisture and heat, the right storage conditions are super important.

When dealing with Ingredient Brothers, you’re dealing with a supplier that understands the importance of ingredient care. That’s why our warehouses in New Jersey and Los Angeles are specially equipped to ensure large-volume ingredient safety. These warehouses also help us connect your ingredient order to you far quicker than small-scale suppliers can.

Get competitive, transparent, and fair pricing every time

Ingredient prices fluctuate over time according to supply and demand. It’s something you’ve dealt with and lost a few nights’ sleep over too most likely. But it doesn’t have to.

Even with market fluctuations, Ingredient Brothers’ long-term relationships with reliable vendors help us secure some of the most competitive prices for our ingredients. It’s because we’re committed to transparent relationships at both ends of the deal, with buyers and vendors, that we’re able to maintain a beneficial purchasing ecosystem for all.

Put your trust back into reliable certifications

Ensuring that you get organic or non-GMO chia seeds isn’t easy when you’re working with multiple supply partners over time. Because just as with every other factor on this list, obtaining certification takes time. And with unreliable clean label claims becoming so common, and considering how intricate and time-consuming it is to verify the legality of these certifications, trustworthy certification can easily become a headache.

Ingredient Brothers solves this problem by partnering with reliable vendors and farmers from the start. Thanks to our international footprint, we have the privilege of visiting the source personally, ensuring that you get what’s been promised.

Make the sustainability of the market a priority

While this last point isn’t a direct supply chain challenge in the short-term, it is a vital contribution to the long-term success of every supply chain.

The increased demand for chia seeds makes sustainability a crucial consideration for the market and any roleplayer therein right now. That’s why it’s important to find a supply partner that is dedicated to the future of the industry and having the conversations that matter right now.

All of these factors can be addressed in a rather convenient manner when buying wholesale chia seeds with the help of a supply partner with a thorough understanding of your brand’s values, its inventory needs, and its business growth projection.

Ingredient Brothers keeps your brand on the shelf and in the hearts of your customers

Due to supply chain challenges that continue to wreak havoc on the food industry, competition is going to be tougher than ever. And in times like these, you can’t afford to miss the mark with your inventory management.

We’ve helped some of the biggest brands in the food industry sustain growth through the harshest of times all because of our firsthand experience sitting where you’re sitting right now. We know that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach when inventory and demand don’t meet up. And we can help you avoid it.

Let’s have a chat and see how we can help you keep your products on the shelves when people want them most.

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